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One of my fav online stores right now got to be Missguided… I think it is a versatile brand with different tastes for everyone! I have some pieces and I have to tell you the quality of them is pretty amazing and the pieces are beautiful, even more than when you see them online.

At Missguided, a fresh and vibrant online store, you will find the latest trends and the best that the fashion world has to offer you… Like they say ”Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway!”.

Do you love it too? If you don’t know the brand, go to their website here… Believe me, it is worth it and you will become a fan too. Enjoy!

I want it all xx


Today the post is all about Smartling, an online translation service company who loves travel, fashion, culture and of course languages!
They have an amazing project called “One Night Abroad” to see what the ideal night out abroad would be like in another country and how people would act in a new culture using language, food and fashion… Of course I immediately loved this idea and decided to make a post about it!
I chose Paris for my destination because I really want to go there again one day. I’ve been there when I was little but now I would really love to return. It is such a romantic and lovely city… Great city, beautiful streets, amazing street style, funny nightlife and nice people!
So… Here is my proposal for this challenge…

one night abroad in paris

For the outfit I opted for something simple and very Paris chic… I am a true fan of the street style of this city, so I tried to adapt my outfit choice to what we can see on the streets of Paris. Sophisticated, simple and girly… Black, white and red… That’s all I need!
I made a little collage on Polyvore, it’s one of my favorite online fashion platforms.
I would be kind of adventures and try the steak tartare…  I know it is raw meet but it is also a very typical dish from the french cuisine so I would try to unleash my primal instinct ahah. With this I would drink a red Bordeaux and for dessert a delicious french apple cake, there are also part of Paris tradition. YUMIIIII!
So about the language part would be a little bit difficult because I’m not that good at speaking french… But I already had some classes in school when I was younger and I don’t think it is so different from portuguese. Also I would buy a cute dictionary or use a useful app from Smartling… It definitely would make it easier! And I am a person who talks a lot while doing gestures, so I think that would help to ahah and would be fun.
Had lot of fun doing it. Hope you like it xx



All photos by me

Oh hi. Today the post is all about Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. In Lisbon it was the past thursday, 11th. A great night, full of music, streets animation and, of course… SHOPPING! I loved everything, even if I was kind of working but still, what a great night!

I took some photos during the night… Some of the moments that caught my attention and some good memories. I love this fashion world… OHH!! And I almost forgot… Some of these photos appeared on Vogue’s site ahah oh yeah baby. You can see it here.

So… How was it in your contry? I want to hear all about it xx


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